Radiesse for the greater Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Area


Thousands of happy patients worldwide have used Radiesse dermal filler for facial contouring and augmentation - with beautiful results. These patients report feeling more youthful and attractive, and they find that the results are both immediate and long-lasting (unlike with other leading fillers). Read, in their own words, about some of our patients’ experiences:

Mario G.
"People tell me that I look more rested."
Mary N.
"On my birthday, I felt so good. My girlfriend told me, 'You look fabulous!' so I told her about Radiesse."
Laura R.
"I like that it’s soft, if someone kissed me, it would feel like my face."
Taylor L.
"It gives my face that fuller look … people were noticing the positive difference, but couldn’t exactly tell what it was."
Ann R.
"It gives you a great effect, and you can see the results immediately."
Angi L.
"I have been thrilled with the fullness and youthfulness of my look."
Izzy B.
"The entire experience was wonderful. In fact, I have recommended this treatment to friends and certainly plan to do it again."
Carol M.
"Radiesse made a big difference. You go in the doctor’s office for an hour, and you’re done; there’s no downtime."
Cindy S.
"I am more excited about the results from Radiesse than I was about the outcome of a full facelift."